Meeting with BPI France and Glovax Biotech Corp. at DTI held in June

A brief meeting was held last June 16 at DTI where Glovax Biotech Corporation introduced Ms Elodie Barria, Vice-President (Asia-Pacific) of BPI France, a French public sector investment bank, and Ms. Angelita Diestro, President of OneTop Medical Resources (local distributor for Tesalys France).  

As NDC and Glovax continue to negotiate and firm up plans to pursue the country’s first vaccine manufacturing facility,  it was an opportune time to also introduce Glovax’s other potential investors and partners to DTI Secretary Fred Pascual.  

It was also Ms. Elodie Barria’s first exploratory visit to the Philippines where she touched upon her desire to further expand BPI France’s investment footprint in the Philippines.

About the Vaccine Manufacturing Facility – the establishment of the Philippines' first vaccine manufacturing facility, to ensure that the necessary vaccines are readily available when needed, and also enable the country to prepare for the next pandemic, be self-reliant and reduce dependence on imported vaccines and external supplies. 

The project was approved by the NDC Board last April 2023.