NDC announces new Chairperson of the Startup Venture Fund (SVF) Investment Committee (IC)

Assistant General Manager (AGM) Alewijn Ong of the National Development Company’s (NDC) Business Development Group (BDG) has now been designated as the new Chairperson of the Startup Venture Fund (SVF) Investment Committee. With this key change in management roles (effective March 14, 2024), NDC General Manager Anton Mauricio now steps down as the SVF-IC Chair, in order to focus on other areas of business.

With his new role, AGM Ong shall be responsible for facilitating the orderly conduct of all Investment Committee meetings. He will also be handling the evaluation and approval processes of investee companies under the SVF. This is also expected to help free-up and accelerate the approval process of co-investments for startups.

Currently, AGM Ong also leads the BDG in evaluating new and alternative properties as potential revenue sources to maximize returns to NDC. This change in management was envisioned by GM Mauricio to further improve NDC’s ability to fully evaluate and recommend investments in startups to the NDC Board.

Improving investment agility and processes within NDC falls under the able leadership of DTI Secretary Alfredo "Fred" Pascual; aligned with the administration of President Marcos Jr.’s socio-economic agenda, the Philippine Development Plan, and the Strategic Investment Promotions Plan.