NIASD roadmap launched at the Metropolitan Theater in Manila last September 27, 2023

About NIASD: 

The National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document provides a roadmap and strategy for enhancing innovation governance, advancing and accelerating innovation activities, and integrating and nurturing public-private partnerships. 

It also outlines long-term goals for innovation as well as the nation's 10-year vision, 2023-2022. The framework for implementing the policies and reforms will be provided by the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023–2028. 

One of the six cross-cutting objectives outlined in the PDP's transformation agenda for attaining a prosperous, inclusive, and resilient society is the creation of the dynamic innovation ecosystem.

Based on NIASD’s five innovation enablers, the government plays a vital role in producing and developing a transformative environment. 

Additionally, NIASD said that the government should prioritize these four C’s: Create, Capacitate, Collaborate and Connect. 
The Philippines should become a creative, technologically sophisticated nation that is highly productive, flexible, sustainable, and inclusive, according to the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document.